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03.09.2013 (2 месяца; 69 дней)
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Experience the difference with AUTO SPORTS EXCLUSIVE. We are your number one Second Life source in the MONSALVAT and the surrounding areas for quality, top notch auto service and repair. We use quality parts and state of the art equipment. Our vehicles are in HQ format. We create cars under the order. Individual approach to clients. All orders have updates in the future, the term is not more than 10 days.
Our shop:
В реальном размере 1340x1041 / 1470.4Kb
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Добавлено 12.11.2013 OddSsleep

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Интересная публика в зале. А фильм про что был?

Не было фильма. Пьяный киномеханик не смог запустить показ)

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